Quality,  Health,  Safety,  Environment and Compliance


United Offshore Support’s is a leading service provider to the global offshore industry delivering safe and quality performance to all stakeholders.

Our QHSE vision and goal is to have our workforce leading our effort to maintain injury and incident free operations.

This will be achieved by conducting our business affairs in such a way as to gain sustained success through our ability to identify and mitigate risks to protect our customers and other interested parties whilst meeting their needs and expectations.

Safety leadership within UOS is driven from the very top of the organisation and reaches down to every person on site.

We aim for a fully engaged and committed workforce who will drive a safer workplace and will also result in improved overall business performance.

Our commitment is to risk management, quality, competence, adhering to compliance obligations, the prevention of accidents and ill health, the environment, including; prevention of pollution, reducing our carbon footprint, and minimising waste.

We are committed to promoting and maintaining the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees and we take a proactive approach to workplace well-being by ensuring the systems are in place to prevent work-related occupational health illness and injury and to promote good health amongst the workforce.

UOS is certified in accordance with the requirements of the ISM Code, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 and we are member of BIMCO, Marine Safety Forum and ISOA